About Us

Broad Run Crew Mission Statement

Rowing changes lives. At Broad Run Crew Inc., our mission is dedicated to fostering a community that is both welcoming and supportive. Under the banner of Rowing for All, we make rowing accessible without regard to individual ability, background or experience. We seek to raise the standard of rowing programs through internal excellence and to share our knowledge and expertise with others for the advancement of the sport at all levels.

Broad Run Crew Purpose

Our purpose is to include all individuals who want to row and enhance personal growth through the challenge of continuous learning for fun by promoting unity, camaraderie, and fitness as well as encouraging a healthy community lifestyle through our visible example.

Loudoun County Public School Tier 3 Sport

Broad Run Crew is a Tier 3 parent led varsity sport which operates at Broad Run High School, a part of Loudoun County Public Schools. “Being a member of a Loudoun County Public Schools athletic team is the fulfillment of a goal. The attainment of this goal carries with it certain traditions and responsibilities that must be maintained. A great athletic tradition is not built overnight; it takes the hard work of many people over many years. As a member of an interscholastic squad of your high school, you have inherited a wonderful tradition: a tradition to win with honor. You are challenged to uphold this tradition and to bring honor to our athletes, our school, and our community.” - LCPS Student Athletic Handbook.
As a part of LCPS, our athletes are governed by rules, code of conduct and ethics set forth in the LCPS Student Athletic Handbook.